I am creating a list of reputable Carnivorous Plant sellers that I have worked with over the past few years and others that have been recommended to me by fellow growers and friends.

Buy a Venus Fly Trap and Carnivorous Plants (USA)

This is not a comprehensive list of sellers.  If you would like to add to the list, please leave a comment


Borneo Exotics

Borneo Exotics has been know by the exotic plant community for many years as being one of the biggest growers of Nepenthes in the  world – and supplies a lot of nurseries around the world.  Many of the dealers that offer nepenthes online in fact buy wholesale direct from Borneo.


California Carnivores

California Carnivores is sort of the granddaddy of the online plant dealers and has a wonderful location that can be visited.  While they are some of the most expensive plants available online, they are also some of the best reviewed.  The good folks who run the company are well known in the community of carnivorous plants, have published books, and provided a wealth of information to growers for more than 30  years.


Black Jungle Supply

Black Jungle is an interesting company offering so much variety.  Not only do they offer carnivorous plants, they offer other exotics to go into massive terrariums / vivariums.  To top it off, they even sell poison dart frogs!  This is what happens when a hobby goes off the rails and turns into a business, and I love it!   They consistently get good reviews and have been around for a long time and are well known in the exotic plant community.


Cooks Carnivorous Plants


Cooks has been around many years and has always had a good reputation for selling healthy plants. Dean Cook sells his plants direct and also through eBay.

Pet Fly Trap


Pet Fly Trap started off basically selling only Venus Fly Traps and a few other of the most common and easy to grow carnivorous plants.  Their idea was great because it became a source for many beginners.  Because that, they founded the wildly popular Terra Forums to compete with garden web at the time.  It still exists and is a great resource for all growers.   After a change of hands in the mid 2000’s – the new owners grew a bigger list of plants.  They have received mixed reviews over the years (mostly after the acquisition).   I personally think they should have stuck to the formula that worked so well.

Joels Carnivore’s

Joel chooses to sell his plants mostly through Amazon (here) and eBay.  This grower sticks to many of the basic plants (like pet flytrap.com used to)… and does a good business with good reviews on his offerings.  Everything he sells gets 4-5 stars which speaks for his commitment to quality!

See Joels on Amazon


What about buying carnivorous plants at a local nursery?

Most people discover these amazing little plants at a chain nursery at some point in their life. Unfortunately they’re often not the best source to buy plants due to neglect or being watered with the wrong type of water, etc.

Many small boutique nurseries offer a great selection of fly traps, sundews, pitcher plants, etc on a seasonal basis.  If you come across a knowledgable nursery or small grower, by all means support them! It’s the right thing to do.


Let us know if you have a resource that you’d like to include in which you’ve had good experiences with!  We’d love to add them.



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