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Reverse Osmosis Water (RO) For Carnivorous Plants

what is reverse osmosis water

Throughout the various plant care articles on this website, the term Reverse Osmosis Water is used regularly, as it is what is the best choice for carnivorous plants (aside from rain water). So what exactly is Reverse Osmosis Water (RO) & Why is it good for carnivorous plants? In short, RO water is super filtered […]

Carnivorous Plant Terrarium & Venus Fly Trap Terrarium Information

venus fly trap terrarium

Make a Venus Fly Trap or Carnivorous Plant Terrarium!   Over the years, one of the biggest questions I received as an exotic plant grower & seller was how to best put carnivorous plants in a terrarium! So here are the tips that were generally used to help florists, hobbyists, and anyone interested in keeping […]