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Cephalotus Care & Information – How to Grow Cephalotus Plants

Cephalotus follicularis plants

Cephalotus ( The Western or Albany Pitcher Plant ) Introduction: Found in less than a 250 mile stretch of Southern Australia, these plants are as attractive as they are desirable.  For many, these plants are hard to keep.  There are some key requirements needed for the success of Cephalotus.  Understanding its growing environment in Australia […]

Byblis Care & Information

Byblis in the Wild aka Rainbow Plant

Byblis Introduction: Often called the Rainbow plant, because of the multi colored appearance when seen in the early morning, the Byblis is often confused with Sundews because of the plant structure.  There are only a handful of Byblis most concentrated in Australia.  Scientific study of these plants has revealed their closest relatives to be the […]

Butterwort / Pinguicula Care & Information – How To Grow Butterworts

About the Butterwort / Pinguicula The butterwort plant is one of the most non-descript looking carnivorous plants.  But don’t let the appearance fool you.  These plants are covered with dew ( the Latin translation of Pinguicula is ‘Little greasy one’ ).  Currently there are around 80 species that range all over the world.  From the […]

Aldrovanda Care & Information

Aldrovanda (Waterwheel Plant) Introduction: Ever thought of what an underwater Venus flytrap might look like?  This is quite an exciting species that extends from Europe, Africa, Japan, Australia, India.  In Japan however it has become extinct in the wild.  Last word is that it has the same fate in Europe.  Hopefully with cultivation in the lab […]