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Venus Fly trap FAQ – Comprehensive Fly Trap Information

venus flytrap FAQ

Growing Venus Fly Traps – How to successfully grow the Venus Fly Trap (Frequently Asked Questions – Dionea) If you are the happy new owner of an amazing Venus Fly Trap Plant (Dionea), you’ll likely have some care questions or require some advice on how to care for your plant.  Perhaps you just have a […]

Bladderworts (Utricularia ) – How to Grow Bladderworts

Bladderwort / Utricularia

Introduction To Bladderworts / Utricularia: The largest genus in the Family, the bladderwort is truly an oddity is there is to be one in the CP world.  There are well over 200 species of these plants that range just about all over the world.  From Alaska ( US ) to Africa and beyond.  They have […]

Sundew (Drosera) Plant Care Guide – How to Grow Drosera

Sundews (Drosera) Introduction: Just about wherever you find another type of carnivorous plant, you will have this companion beside it somewhere.  This is a diverse plant that extends North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia.  There are many types of Sundews.   The types of Sundews are: Tropical/Sub Tropical, Cape, Forked, Tuberous, Pygmy, Wolly, […]

Sarracenia ( North American Pitcher Plant )

sarracenia pitcher plant

Sarracenia ( North American Pitcher Plant ) Introduction / Care & Growing Information: The pitcher plant is a magnificent species that extends throughout the Gulf States and even up into Canada.  There are only 8 species with numerous sub species and hybrids.  The sad reality is that these plants are also on the verge of […]

Nepenthes (Tropical Pitcher Plant) – Care & Growing Information

Nepenthes Pitcher Plant

Nepenthes – Tropical Pitcher Plants Introduction: If you are ever in the jungle, around the mountains, look out for this awesome plant.  Nepenthes ( also known as Tropical Pitcher Plant, or Monkey Cups ) are scattered throughout Southeast Asia, India, Africa, and Australia.  The plant itself is rather plain looking, the pitchers though range from […]

Heliamphora Care

Heliamphora Introduction: Known by many names, the Heliamphora are considered by some to have a prehistoric appeal.  The flowers resemble that of Orchids, and many consider the plant beautiful because of the simplistic look of the pitchers.  Found in the mountainous regions of the Venezuela, Guyana and Brazil, above the clouds and the tropical jungles […]

Genlisea ( Corkscrew Plant ) – Care

Genlisea ( Corkscrew Plant ) Introduction: Many will venture to say that this is one of the most bizarre of the carnivorous plant world.  The carnivorous nature is not apparent above ground, but below.  The leaves of these plants we green and really non-descript.  It is the root system ( or trapping system ) that is […]

Drosophyllum ( Dewy Pine ) – Care

Drosophyllum ( Dewy Pine ) Introduction: Far away in a land that shouldn’t inhabit carnivorous plants, you will find Drosophyllum lusitanicum. Only native to Spain, Portugal and parts of Morocco ( North Africa ), this plant lives in conditions that are generally not suitable for other carnivorous plants. You will find this plant on non-acidic ( alkaline ) […]

Cobra Lily ( Darlingtonia Californica ) Care – How To Grow a Cobra Lily

Darlingtonia californica - Cobra Lily

Cobra Lily ( Darlingtonia Californica ) Introduction: It is ever so apparent where this plant has received its name.  Even though this is a relative of Sarracenia, there are some things that are different enough to allow for its own classification.  These plants inhabit Northern California and Southern Oregon.  Some have been reported to extend upwards […]